Mould making

As a producer of injection-molded components, we are fully aware of the crucial significance of the tool.
This is the cornerstone of quality for every injection molding production operation, and is therefore a
key factor underpinning your economic success.

In this context, we build quality tools, irrespective of whether these are employed in our production facility or are used by our customers in their own premises.

In the context of our mold building operations, we offer

  • Process-oriented tool concepts
  • Tool designs

Building of

  • recision tools
  • 2K tools
  • Multi-cavity tools
  • Ceramic injection molding tools
  • Metal injection molding tools
  • Pressure die-casting tools

Tool service

  • cyclical ultrasonic cleaning
  • short-term reproducibility in the event of damage through storage of electrodes in their original holders
  • Tool relocation: professional handover procedure for the acceptance of 3rd party tools

Service aspects of the machining options

  • Spark-erosion, cutting, milling, grinding …