Quality control

We understand ‘quality’ to mean the creation and assurance of consistently uniform, lean, easy-to-control and efficient businesses processes. This applies right across all of our divisions.

In this way, we achieve our primary aim in engineering, in mold building and in ceramics- as well as in plastic injection molding:

100% good parts. At the right time. In the right quantity. At the right location.

This quality standard forms part of every workplace description at Kläger. Every employee commits him/herself to this quality pledge and accepts personal responsibility to achieving it. The component specifications are checked and documented as part of the daily process: this involves Production operators inspecting their own work as well as cyclical checks conducted by our Quality Assurance staff.

The specialists from our Quality Assurance department are on hand to communicate with our customers, but also and above all they are there to assist our employees.

These specifications, guidelines and objectives are defined and formulated in our Quality Management Handbook that also complies with the stipulations of DIN ISO 9001:2008. Checking and certification is performed by DQS GmbH (the German society for the certification of management systems).

The relevant certificates are available for you to view in our download area .