High-calibre solutions

THINKing, LATERAL thinking, thinking AHEAD
We deliver WELL-THOUGHT-OUTsolutions from a single source.

As a development partner and manufacturer of injection moulding solutions made from different materials, we aim to be a market leader when it comes to quality, innovation and implementation expertise.

mission statement

Mission statement

We are a typical medium-sized company: decisive, reliable, well-structured and enthusiastic. Striving to have enthusiastic co-workers, enthusiastic customers and to provide perfect products and services are the core elements of our philosophy. Learn more …

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Full service. Added value for our customers.

Our expertise portfolio for “High-calibre solutions” is based on our deep skills in consulting & implementation as well as in material & process technology. This comprehensive expertise forms the basis of our integrated value-added chain for engineering, mould making and injection moulding. Everything from one source: the whole is more than the sum of the individual parts.
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Experienced pioneers.
Highlight: ceramic injection moulding:

Kläger is one of the pioneers in the field of Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM). Ever since the 1990s, we have devoted ourselves to this innovative technology and now mass produce numerous key components on more than 10 modern injection moulding machines and more than 20 debinding and sintering systems. See for yourself …


Pioneers chart new paths. Selecting the right material and process is decisive in developing a marketable product. Material-based product engineering is the buzzword and, at the same time, a recipe for success across industries. From the outset, we offer our customers professional, sound and extensive advice. Ideas begin here …

IDEAS begin here …
Competitiveness requires INNOVATIONS.
Material-based product engineering!

Mould making

A quality tool by Kläger stands for a smooth, trouble-free mass production and constant reproducibility. Our mould making specialists are known for their extensive expertise, decades of experience and unbridled fascination for constructing accurate single and multi-cavity moulds, technically sophisticated debinding tools, multi-component or powder injection moulding tools.
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Everything else is EXPENSIVE.

Ceramic injection moulding

Ceramic is the hardest material after diamond. Compared to conventional materials, high-performance ceramics are extremely hard, have a high mechanical strength and are highly resistant against corrosion, wear and temperature. They are biocompatible, electrically insulating and chemically resistant. Excellent material properties, coupled with a very high degree of design flexibility and high productivity of the injection moulding process makes the CIM process interesting: 
Technically and economically …

New materials stretch the limits of everything possible to date.

Plastic injection moulding

More than 50 years ago, we demonstrated our pioneering spirit when we manufactured the first switch boxes using injection moulding process. Even today our esprit and innovative ability can be seen in each of our product: whether it is a geometrically simple solution made from a standard plastic or a complex solution consisting of high-strength glass fibre plastic or an “intelligent” injection moulding system solution such as a subassembly made from a hybrid composite of plastic, ceramic and metal providing real multi-functionality. Learn more …


Hybrid solutions

In every case, finding the BEST SOLUTION for the product and the application is a challenge and a claim at one and the same time. As a development partner and system supplier of hybrid injection molding system solutions made of ceramic, plastic and metal, we set ourselves this task, and do so with this aim in mind:

“ … for hybrid solutions creating an optimum component concept tailored to the application, implementing that concept reliably in the context of highly cost-effective, robust and consistently reproducible volume production and guaranteeing sustainably immaculate functionality of this solution in practical applications.” Learn more …

Intelligent injection molding system solutions
for genuine multi-functionality, made of ceramic, plastic and metal.