Chemistry and process engineering

Products of technical ceramics are chemical resistant, corrosion free, high temperature resistant and thermal and electric isolating. Due to these material characteristics and also due to the production possibility of threedimensional geometries, Ceramic-Injection molded products are perfectly suitable for different applications for the chemistry and process engineering and are offering total new possibilities and applications.

Examples of products for Chemistry and process engineering

Laboratory -Pots Al2O3

The extrem high temperature, chemical, alkali and corrosive resistance of high-purity Aluminiumoxide makes this material predestined to be used for laboratory equipement like pots, zylinders or retort boxes, especially then, when aggressive materials like bases are in use.

Laboratory -Pots Al2O3

Application / Function Isolating
Additional funtions Protection, …
Material Aluminiumoxid

Ø 12 mm; deep 9,5 mm;
Ø 6 mm; deep 4,0 mm;
Wall thickness 0,5 mm

Special features:

  • biocompatible
  • chemical resistant
  • alkali resistance
  • high temperature resistance
  • non corrosive

Porous ceramics

In general, a pore in ceramic material is considered as defective spot. However, in the form of filters or membranes, porous ceramics are particularly used in a variety of applications in chemistry, pharmacy and process technology. Foamed, pressed or extruded components are, however, limited in terms of the geometric shape.

With their newly developed compound and the corresponding processing technology, Kläger now also offers components with the “porous” property profile for the injection molding method in order to realize three-dimensional component geometries.


Porosity open
approx.. 30 %
Pore size approx.. 10 µm
Material Basis Al2O3

individual developed Compound

Process utilities Water, Gases, Bases
Flow rate compressed air (3bar) approx. 26 L/min.
Axial fracture strentgh ca. 2200 N

Special features:

  • chemical resitant
  • non corrosive
  • high temperature resistant
  • electrical isolating
  • straightness

Possible fields of application:

  • Crucible
  • Filter
  • Katalysatoren
  • Membrane