One aspect of quality and cost management is the ability to combine different components in the context of reliable processes, and an appropriate choice of materials and functions.
Here at Kläger, we tackle this question right at the ‘Engineering’ stage.

This is where the groundwork is laid for efficient integration of individual components to form a functioning sub-assembly or module.

The key factors in the choice of joining technology are …

  • the material-specific characteristics of the components
  • the geometric options for the manufacture of individual components
  • the application conditions and
  • the requirements being imposed on the connection
Fügetechnik Combination of materials | Technical ceramic and solvability
ceramic metal plastics
Cementing X X no
Bonding X X X no
Soldering X partially
Activ soldering X no
to screw X X X yes
to plug X X yes
to clamp X X yes
Snap connection X X yes
Over molding X X no
to crimp X no
Pressing X partially
Vulcanization X no
2-K-Injection molding X X no

Besides these assembly options, we take over the full responsibility for further finishing possibilities like pad printing, ultrasonic welding or lasering. Of course the shipping could be all done in client specific trays.