We recognize our responsibility towards our environment. We endeavor to minimize our environmental impact across all our
company divisions: Engineering, Mold Building and Injection Molding.

Our daily actions are informed by our proactive sense of environmental awareness. Right from the very start of our plastics production back in the Fifties,
we made a point of regranulating all of our plastic trimmings and scrap and redirecting them back into the process, rather than seeking to dispose of them externally.
Without doubt a practice that can still be implemented today for most products.
If this is not possible, e.g. for product safety reasons, we redirect this material to the market via ‘exchanges’ trading in material residue.

Through the use of heat pumps and heat exchangers, we use the process heat generated in Production to heat our factory premises. This reduces our consumption of fossil fuels.

Since 2010, we generate electricity from solar panels on our roof surfaces and this reduces our CO2 emissions by approximately 85 tons a year.

We do our utmost to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum. This involves us continuously seeking out further potential for improvement.