Smart Products with hybrid injection molding solutions

Innovation tuning through high-tech creations involving composite materials

We create customer-specific ceramic solutions, combine these with plastic and/or metal parts and assemble the whole item to form a composite material appropriate to a given application. This gives rise to hybrid solutions with superlative USPs.

The optimum design of all active surfaces of a product with the right material mix is therefore of decisive importance to any intelligent injection molding system solution with genuine multi-functionality.

Through the combination of two or more materials, product characteristics are created that one material used in isolation cannot provide. The ideal choice of partner material and the most appropriate joining method enables as many functions as possible to be combined in a single component. At the same time, we reduce the costs through savings in materials and through reduced assembly times.


Added value through optimum system integration

Through integration in a hybrid group of sub-assemblies, the potentially superlative characteristics of ceramic can be combined with the advantages of other materials (plastic, metal), employed optimally and in a targeted fashion on the relevant application.

The extremely high geometric freedom afforded by the injection molding process not only makes it possible to spray-coat

components directly, but also offers a wide range of previously unfeasible joining and connection options.

The combination of the “right” materials calls not only for an economically and/or technically drive substitution of conventional solutions, but also, first and foremost, renders possible the creation of entirely new kinds of product solutions (“Smart Products”).