Today, Kläger is recognized as one of the pioneers in the ceramic injection molding sector.
At the start of our company’s history, the idea was to manufacture switch receptacles from plastic …

From the switch receptacle to the manufacture of plastic components and injection molding tools

Back in 1959, Ing. Gerhard Kläger had the idea of manufacturing switch receptacles from plastic. Back then, a ‘revolutionary’ idea with a process still in its infancy: plastic injection molding. He founded the company that traded as GKD (Gerhard Kläger Dornstetten) and, to begin with, he produced electrical plug-in sundries. These he was able to patent and sell as Kläger’s proprietary range of products. In the ensuing years, an in-house mold-building facility was established. This meant that injection molding tools could be manufactured within the company.
News of GKD’s good reputation for quality, reliability and technical innovation spread rapidly. As a result, demand soon started flooding in for different kinds of plastic products. This was the starting point for the manufacture of bespoke plastic components and injection molding tools for customers.

Full service provider and partner

For many years now, our Mold Building and Injection Molding divisions have been supplying numerous companies who remain our customers to this day. When Dr.-Ing. Roland Kläger joined the company in the early Nineties, we extended our range of services to include engineering: a technological redesign of the mold-building process.

In just a short time, we evolved into a ‘full service provider’ and a partner for numerous high-tech companies: as development partner and dependable manufacturer of high-quality injection molding tools, and as a producer of volume production components using the injection molding process.

Innovative pioneer in the field of technical ceramics

Since 1996, we have been heavily involved in the injection molding of ceramic materials. As one of the pioneers of the CIM process, and with many years of experience in mold building and plastic injection molding, this enables us to offer a high level of expertise with materials as well as commensurate implementation skills, in particular with modules combining ceramic and plastic materials.