Hybrid solutions

Intelligent injection molding system solutions for genuine multi-functionality, made of ceramic, plastic and metal

Competitiveness requires innovations

Current development trends, global challenges and the eternally young search for products with the “WOW” factor and with brilliant USPs. These are the things that product managers, development, construction and design staff are all united in calling for.

In every case, finding the BEST SOLUTION for the product and the application is a challenge and a claim at one and the same time.

As a development partner and system supplier of hybrid injection molding system solutions made of ceramic, plastic and metal, we set ourselves this task, and do so with this aim in mind:

“ … for hybrid solutions creating an optimum component concept tailored to the application, implementing that
concept reliably in the context of highly cost-effective, robust and consistently reproducible volume production
and guaranteeing sustainably immaculate functionality of this solution in practical applications.”


Innovative power through interdisciplinary competence – well thought-out solutions from a single source

The right material and the right choice of process are crucial elements on the path to a ready-to-market product with superlative USPs. Material-based engineering is the recipe for success right across the sector.

The wealth of experience gained from more than 1600 products, paired with the expert knowledge from processing over 300 different materials

gives us comprehensive KNOW-HOW (“How something works”) and a firmly-founded KNOW-WHY (“Why something works!”).

From the concept stage through product development, tool-building, component production and out to system integration as a hybrid sub-assembly, we can provide you with a highly integrated value-added chain for your hybrid sub-assembly.